Mahathir Almashor

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Mahathir Almashor
Senior Research Scientist
CSIRO/Data61, Marsfield, Sydney
Cyber Security CRC


November 2019
Ai yai yai... I'm really bad at updating this. Moved from Seeing Machines to CSIRO/Data61 (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation). Working on an anti-phishing project for state govenrment agencies and Cyber Security CRC. I also need to look at Jekyll. Dealing with too much HTML here πŸ€ͺ

September 2018
Spent 2 days helping old ladies cross their streets πŸ‘΅πŸΌ. Not really but Age-Friendly Canberra is a city planning tool that makes life easier for our aged population. We used federal and state data on a mapping tool, so planners know where there was a lack of infrastructure (e.g., clinics, wheelchair ramps) and plan accordingly. Shout out to my fantastic team-mates Niki, Ashleigh, Lizzie, Aman, Vivian, Anderson, Nathan and Tauraa.

December 2017
Article published from the work done way back while I was at IBM Research. About the use of shelters during bush-fire evacuations. Kudos to Peter Zhong, whose perseverance pushed this over the line πŸ‘πŸΌ. Other authors were Kent, Ermyas and Anton.

July 2017
Honey, I hit a roo! Govhack 2017 project to analyse the impact of accidents involving wildlife (a common occurrence around Canberra). Built a web and mobile app to aid motorists easily report impacts to authorities and wildlife rescue teams. So much fun doing this with Anthony, David, Ian and Yogesh. 🦘

May 2017
Moved from International Business Machines to Seeing Machines πŸ€– Still waking up to Rage Against The Machine 🎸

Back To The Future
Woops. Haven't been updating this. Brace for an incoming barage of posts 😝

November - December 2016
Kids ❀️ code. Parents, send your children to your nearest CoderDojo, where we teach them to slice a Python array like a real ninja. Haaai YAAAH! For volunteer-ninjas near Carlton, get your shurikens from Alicja, our robo-ninjutsu master.

November 2016
RHoKing again! Helped Sugihara develop a crowd-sourced data verification tool for disaster responders. Awesome team πŸ’ͺ made up of Nick, Fida, Kristin, Mike, Sasha, Marko, Aryaman. Thanks to DiUS for the AWS instance. Tinder for disasters! 😝

October 2016
Attended an Angular crash-course. Almost glorious, if not for my arch-amigo, Daniel. Awesome assistance by the amazing SSW team, lead by Duncan. Allo also to Phillip for his advice. πŸ˜„

September 2016
Presented "A Bush Fire Evacuation Planning Service
 Utilising Multiple Simulation Systems" at the Australasian Simulation Congress. Demonstrated IBM's Evacuation Planner and the use of docker to enable Emergency Management research. πŸ‘‹β€οΈ to Anton, Ermyas, Jan, Kent, David, Peter.

August 2016
Manned the IBM booth at Go Girl, Go For IT, 2016, a tech showcase to encourage schoolgirls into STEM careers. Showed off Node-RED and Image Analytics using a jumping drone, teaching smart girls about visual programming and machine vision. Thanks to Hide, Lynn and Erandhi.

June 2016
Participated in Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK). Part of winning team that helped Changing Places develop an online feedback tool for severely disabled people. See event tweets from @rhokmelb, @acd_eddie and Stefan's write-up. 🀘🏼 Eddie, Daniel, Stefan, Ramji, Zinzi 🀘🏼

May 2016
Presented "Mapping Wildfire Community Impact" at an emergency management conference, ANZDMC. Talk was about the placement of wild-fire sensors in remote areas, based on an upcoming paper co-authored with David, Peter and Kent. See tweet of event here.

January 2016
Journal article published in Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (SimPAT) entitled "Simulation of Wildfire Evacuation with Dynamic Factors and Model Composition". Based on work done for IBM Evacuation Planner. Co-authors were Anton, Ermyas, Jan and Kent.

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